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Few agencies can say that they privately own and operate a fully dedicated usability testing laboratory. However, IAA has two that are ready to meet your product’s specific goals. Our labs are more comprehensive than any other agency’s lab in the bay area. Each lab has its own participant reception area, testing room, client observation room, and AV/data collection room.

What Makes IAA’s Usability Labs Unique?

Fewer Distractions = Better Data

Our labs feature a dedicated AV and data collection room separated from the testing room by one-way mirror. This minimizes distractions to the participant, giving you more accurate and actionable data.

Multiple Camera Views

Unlike most facilities that offer a single wide-angle camera view with limited zoom and no pan capability, our facility has multiple cameras in the test room, each with remote pan/tilt/zoom capability.


Our labs accommodate a range of environments and settings. We offer an environment that is ideal for product-based interviews, small focus groups, and all forms of 1:1 usability testing.


Our labs have test environments that can be configured to simulate the user environment for your product.
  • Our cameras can capture the finest of details on a small device or give the viewer an overview of the room. All cameras are remotely controlled with pan/tilt/zoom functionality by your dedicated AV operator.
  • Overhead cameras allow for a bird's eye view of what the user sees.
  • Floor cameras allow an overview of your study and can focus in on facial expressions during user commentary or interaction.
  • Split screen recordings allow you to see the product AND the participant in a single view. You never have to guess what the user is doing.
  • Video of the sessions are provided to clients on a USB flash drive.
  • Unlimited still photo capture capabilities. All photos provided to client on USB flash drive.
Saratoga Testing Facilities - Reception Area

Reception Area

Your participants will be greeted by our IAA receptionist and introduced to the study moderator. They will then be introduced to the study and given the study consent form.
Saratoga Facilities - Testing Room

Testing Room

The testing room is where the moderator runs the participant through your study. The testing room environment is customizable for your study’s specific needs.
Saratoga Testing Facilities - Client Observation Room

Client Observation Room

Clients can discreetly observe the testing room. Here, you will be able to observe the testing room through a one-way mirror. Additionally, an audio feed from the testing room is played on speakers, while the video feed is view-able on a television.
Saratoga Testing Facilities -AV Room

AV/Data Collection Room

Audio, video, and data is recorded in a separate room without disturbing the participant or disrupting the study script.

Dedicated Team

In addition to these features, your test will have a dedicated team of at least four professional staff members of IAA.

Your Team Will Have At Least:

  • 1 Session Moderator
  • 1 Data Manager
  • 1 Audio/Visual Manager
  • 1 Logistics Manager
Saratoga Facilities - AV Room

We are Different from a Market Research Facility

Market research facilities are designed for observation of focus groups, meetings, and interviews. Typically, this means that there are only one or two cameras capturing a broad overview of the room and group. In addition, these cameras are usually static and cannot be remotely operated to pan, tilt or zoom. At IAA, we use a combination of four video cameras that are celling, floor or wall mounted. All video cameras and views are controlled by a dedicated AV operator. The AV operator monitors all of the video feeds and selects the best perspective to be recorded. In addition, the operator has full remote control over the zoom, pan and tilt of all cameras. This allows the operator to zoom in and follow the interaction between the user and the product. This gives our clients a detailed view of the interaction as if they were right next to the user. Also, we have the capability to display a “picture-in-picture” of two video feeds. This allows clients to view both the overview and the detailed interaction simultaneously.
Saratoga Facilities - Testing Room

Options For Viewing Your Test

If you would like to watch your testing live, both of our labs offer a client viewing room that are separated from the testing rooms by one-way mirrors. Complementary high-speed Wi-Fi, audio, and video of what is being recorded are also in the client observation room. This allows our clients to be on site without any distractions to the participant.

IAA provides you with the flexibility and cost saving feature of having your testing sessions securely streamed live. Save on travel costs and observe your testing sessions live from any location with an internet connection.


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Our Mission

IAA helps make technology approachable, intuitive and fun! We can research, design, evaluate or test your product or work environment to be more useful, usable, safe and satisfying. We apply a business-centered approach to user-centered design, evaluation and testing by focusing on user experiences that have marketability and economic impact.