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Interface Design

  • User Interface Design

    How We Can Assist

    IAA can help your company design an intuitive, modern, appealing, inspiring and marketable user interface that will give your product an edge over the competition.

    The Need for User Interface Design

    In many cases, a product with good functionality is not readily accepted because it is not easy or efficient to use. A good user interface design increases the product’s intuitiveness, efficiency, and comfort level. This translates into greater product acceptance and a successful user experience. Simply put, for a product to be successful, it must be both functional and usable.

    Our Role & Expertise

    While product engineers focus on the mechanics and function of the product, we as Human Factors engineers, focus on the end-user. Our User Interface methodology is user-centered with an emphasis on a systematic methodology for creating products that are easy to learn, easy to use, effective, and intuitive. Our role is to merge this methodology with the development process of your product. We will work together with your design engineers to integrate our findings and concepts to streamline the iteration process.

    User-Centered Design Approach

    We apply a rigorous and systematic technique when applying User Interface Design to a wide range of products. In undertaking a user interface design project, we take a multi-phase approach, typically consisting of the following:

    1. Product and User Objectives

    In this phase we learn about the product’s functions, objectives, and assist our client in defining the user experience they want to support. We then use this information to identify the interface required to support that experience. In addition, we learn about the user demographics, personas, and any design constraints.

    2. Heuristic Evaluation

    In the second phase we conduct an expert heuristic evaluation, where 2 - 6 IAA Human Factors Engineers work together to analyze the various dimensions of the product and previously-used products with similar functionality. The evaluation is based on proven human factors guidelines and principles, and our combined experiences in designing and evaluating user interfaces.

    3. Interface Architecture and Design

    In this phase, for software or systems products, we develop the interface architecture that runs through and supports the entire workflow. After developing the UI architecture, we review the interface architecture and design with our client and make any necessary modifications. For hardware or instructional materials we mock up the product and review the design with our client for conceptual soundness, iterating the design until the design meets all specifications and user requirements.

    Project Assistance

    Please contact us if you would like further information on how we can support you in your user interface design efforts, or if you wish to discuss any other of our consulting services.

  • Graphic Design by IAA

    How We Can Assist You With Graphic Design...

    Whether you want to update the look and feel of your existing product, or are releasing your product to market for the first time, let IAA create a modern, usable, appealing, inspiring and marketable graphic design that meets the needs of both your company and your customers.

    Our Role & Expertise

    We take a user-centered approach to our graphic design process. Our graphic design portfolio includes web and mobile applications, touchscreen interfaces, medical devices, product instructions, as well as logo and icon design. We are experienced in creating a graphic design schemes for a large a range of platforms to include:

    • .NET
    • HTML5
    • Adobe Flex
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Joomla
    • Eclipse
    • Java-based
    • Flash

    Project Assistance

    Please contact us if you would like further information on how we can support you on your graphic design needs, or if you wish to discuss any other of our consulting services.

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Our Mission

IAA helps make technology approachable, intuitive and fun! We can research, design, evaluate or test your product or work environment to be more useful, usable, safe and satisfying. We apply a business-centered approach to user-centered design, evaluation and testing by focusing on user experiences that have marketability and economic impact.