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Ergonomic Evaluations

Ergonomic Evaluations by IAA

How We Can Assist

Employers are always faced with the tradeoff between efficiency/productivity and employee safety/ comfort. The good news is that there does not need to be a tradeoff. Rather, good ergonomic assessment and remedial design can result in improved efficiency and productivity. Employees' time away from work due to injury reduces productivity, awkward equipment and procedures reduce efficiency, and violation of "compliance" requirements can certainly affect the bottom line. Creating an ergonomic workplace improves employee safety while simultaneously increasing efficiency, productivity, and savings in worker’s compensation for the company.

Our Role

A well designed workplace is one that considers all aspects of the user's environment and is tailored to "fit the user like a glove." We apply a user-centered approach to workplace ergonomics to ensure that the users' biometric, physiologic, and ergonomic needs are designed into the work environment.

We can assist your company with ergonomic assessment, workplace design improvements, and staff training. We use quantitative techniques to evaluate the workplace and determine those areas that will most benefit from design and placement changes. Once the critical ergonomic hot spots have been identified and evaluated, we can redesign the problem areas to maximize the ergonomic impact. We can train your staff to self-monitor and regulate their ergonomic environment. The objective is to meet compliance requirements while increasing safety, efficiency, and productivity. Finally, our assessment and design culminates in empirical testing to ensure that all recommendations result in maximizing safety, efficiency, productivity, and compliance. Our Ergonomics Design is distinguished by our additional expertise in user interface design, instructional design, and usability testing.

It is important to note that Interface Analysis does not sell ergonomic products, but will provide suggested products based on our independent analysis and empirical research.

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Our Mission

IAA helps make technology approachable, intuitive and fun! We can research, design, evaluate or test your product or work environment to be more useful, usable, safe and satisfying. We apply a business-centered approach to user-centered design, evaluation and testing by focusing on user experiences that have marketability and economic impact.