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Hardware and Input Devices Research by IAA

Human Factors and Ergonomics in hardware is the science of determining proper relations between computer systems and the user. Ease of use, comfort, health, and safety are primary concerns (e.g., how a keyboard should be laid out). An ergonomically-designed product implies that the device blends smoothly with the user's body or actions. For computing systems, these standards provide guidelines and requirements for the design of computer hardware and computing environments.

IAA’s Human Factors requirements for computer hardware concern the user's physical interface through input devices and displays and how well it serves the needs of the user. Health and safety concerns are also addressed because they are important for the design of hardware and input devices.

Our Role

IAA’s team of Human Factors engineers have developed a unique approach to usability testing that devises the usability findings in the context of key user experience objectives and interface design elements, and provides immediate redesign guidance to our customers.

Our belief as that usability testing is a means to an end; not the end itself. Every study we develop and conduct includes the right mix of measures (empirical, behavioral, and subjective) with tasks and goals that educate the client on what is done well and what areas of the design need improvement. We make sure our client walks away understanding the user experience and have a clear set of changes to make timely decisions on how to respond to the test results.

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Our Mission

IAA helps make technology approachable, intuitive and fun! We can research, design, evaluate or test your product or work environment to be more useful, usable, safe and satisfying. We apply a business-centered approach to user-centered design, evaluation and testing by focusing on user experiences that have marketability and economic impact.